Executive Coaching

Managers of leaner, faster-moving organizations recognize the need for a subtler set of competencies: the communication and relationship skills required to influence and energize employees, adaptability to rapid change, and respect for people of diverse backgrounds. Today, executives expect emotional intelligence from supervisors and colleagues.

Despite all the progress made in other business disciplines, today’s leaders remain ill-equipped to resolve employee-related dilemmas. Unlike most business processes executive coaching engages with people in customized ways that acknowledge and honor their individuality. It helps people know themselves better, live more consciously, and contribute more richly.

We build transformational relationships that enable leaders to become more self aware, adopt a growth mindset and achieve their full potential. We help leaders define a new vision for themselves, reprogram outdated belief systems and stimulate their creativity to energetically embrace new challenges.

Jeanette Maggio

About Jeanette

I am an experienced team development and executive coach. My background includes senior executive positions in HR, Organizational Development, Change Leadership, and Team and Leadership Development. I have over 25 years of executive experience, including a combined 7 years working and living overseas. I have built leadership, team and organizational capability in over 20 countries in the biotech, pharmaceuticals, health care, retail and service industries. more...


San Francisco, CA